Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camp @ Port Hacking

yesh church camp is here once again. starting this friday till monday woohoo.
really looking forwad to it ^^
2 of my frens who do not attend Focus have decided to join us. furthermore almost all the christians in IH are going *yeah* woohoo

although I really do hope tat you will go, but since you do not like being force to do something you don't like, is alrite then. really missed the fun times we had.... well it will be my precious memory =)

will try to capture every church camp moments

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Before I realised it, you are far away.
I have only myself to blame for not knowing the obvious. Is there some ways that I could go back to April 2009 and relive it? haha I guess not. wat 's done cannot be undone....

Becoz of my personality and my slogan "Not Esther Kok Style.."I got this end point instead.
sometimes I wonder wat blinded me? I would always tell myself that let nature takes its course but I will always be thinking too much and ended up putting a shield before I even get to know that person...

besides, the personality, I guess timing also plays an important part....
I always fail to react at apropriate times....
I even let him saw my geekish look, "I seriously dun no I should laugh or cry.."

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Will I be given one more chance?

Friday, February 26, 2010


Is been sometime since I last post hoho. just plain lazy and worn out haha.
CNY in Sydney, erm as compared to back home is = not much of a celebration haha. no deco ard sydney except for Chinatown, and worst of all it has been raining for the whole chu1 and 2. until one of my fren's car got flooded.
I am just so thankful that I have wonderful ppl ard me who were there to share this celebration day with me. so bless =)

Well this year's chu1 fell on the same as day Valentine's day. hehe as usual no date or BF so I shopped my day away with my close frens hoho. Bought a mini TV. whee finally my own TV

If it is just so easy to say I Love You.

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If Life For Once Can be Carefree

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Am looking forward to tomorrow's craft fair and korean food for dinner woohoo.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Grad Camp 2010

Grad camp 2010 is here.
Leaving later at 7pm
woohoo, looking forward =)

A 2D/2N camp hoho

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Break was just too short

am back. =)
yesh the break is just too short.... although was back for 6weeks, feels like is not even enough =(

now is work work and more work >_<

加油,一定行 woohoo

Just found out that OSIM products are much more expensive as compared to s'pore eekkks.
There goes my Ukimono..... haiz.........

Sunday, January 31, 2010


GOing back tml, sianz to the max.
but on the other hand, I am much closer to home hurhur.

This holiday is GOOD.
accomplished most stuffs. travelling with family and frens, fren's ROM party and major catch-up sessions.
really glad to be back.

I really pray that the next time I come back I will be a better person, better daughter, fren and cousin.

I pray that I will be a happy person, and not one that often think too much =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

feeling like a da bao

having mixed feeling now = da bao hurhur

holidays in HK and cambodia were just awesome. really hope I could turn back time
*if only i could turn back time....*

I wanted to shout at the top of my lung = I dun want to go back >_<
but reality I don't have a choice haiz.....
well looking on the bright side, I am abit closer to returning home hurhur

went back TP today, none seems has change, familiar bus route, buildings, lecturers etc. brought ultimate memories. rushing to LT, toilet in the morning, many exams to conquer in a row, great frenships.

btw watch Hachiko with mum *hoho is been a long time since I watched a movie with my mum haha. Is a super nice show, "dogs are really men's best fren" Love the dog alot hoho

just hope tat time will pass slowly =)